Malaria P. falciparum culture panels

January 23, 2017

ZeptoMetrix Corporation and FIND are pleased to announce the first commercially available malaria Plasmodium falciparum culture panels with standard concentrations of histidine rich protein 2 (HRP2).

The ZeptoMetrix Malaria P. falciparum culture panels, which are available in a range of concentrations from six different malaria strains, are intended for use by researchers and manufacturers to develop new high sensitivity malaria rapid diagnostic tests.

 HRP2 is the antigen used in most malaria rapid diagnostic tests to detect P. falciparum. By providing a range of standard HRP2 concentrations, including some that are very low, the panel can be used to evaluate the diagnostic sensitivity of improved tests that are in development.

Strain: FCQ79 (Type A) – Catalogue Number KZMC041
Strain: Berlin I (Type A) – Catalogue Number KZMC042
Strain: W2 (Type B) – Catalogue Number KZMC043
Strain: Santa Lucia (Type B) – Catalogue Number KZMC044
Strain: PH1 (Type C) – Catalogue Number KZMC045
Strain: Borneo (Type C) – Catalogue Number KZMC046

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