About Us

About Us

ZeptoMetrix is a privately held company formed in 1999 to serve the Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Research Products Industries.

At ZeptoMetrix, we’ve always understood that research success often requires a Team approach. That is why our Company Philosophy to be “a Partner to our Customer” has remained in the forefront as we, together with our “Partners”, mutually change the Global Infectious Disease Diagnostic Industry for the better. Today, we proudly serve our Global Partners with a variety of ground-breaking, pertinent and trusted Products and Services.

Known to have one of the world’s largest commercial archives of clinical specimens, ZeptoMetrix possesses a significant scope of stocked, highly characterized Seroconversion Panels from HIV, HBV and HCV infected Individuals.

Utilizing its resources, ZeptoMetrix manufactures and provides an extensive range of Controls and Calibrators for Serological Assays and Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT). Our registered NATtrol™ products greatly exceed current standards for Nucleic Acid Testing and set a unparalleled benchmark in the Industry. Prepared from highly purified viruses and treated to alter surface proteins, NATtrol™ products allow the viral nucleic acid to remain intact for testing. Our NATtrol™ products are non-infectious, refrigerator stable, control for all steps in NAT including centrifuging, extraction, amplification and detection and work cohesively with all Amplification Assay Formats.

ZeptoMetrix is a leader in large scale Virus Purification and Viral Lysate Production. With 2 – Bio Safety Level 3 Laboratories, ZeptoMetrix is able to specifically custom manufacture virtually any culturable Microorganism in a highly purified form.

Understood worldwide for our Diagnostic Kit Development and Manufacturing, including ELISA Kits and HIV p24 Ag, Western Blots, Oxidative Stress Kits, Marketing & Proficiency Panels, Rapid Test Controls, CLIA Validations, QC Controls, numerous Reagents and Biorepository Services, our Team prides themselves on their significant, trusted and daily contributions provided to a global marketplace.

ZeptoMetrix operates from three highly efficient, state of the art facilities. Our Corporate Headquarters is situated in Buffalo, New York on the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus. Responsible for Research & Development and its new Analytical Testing Services, Buffalo is home to 2 – Bio Safety Level 3 Laboratories. Franklin, Massachusetts is home to our FDA Registered Facility-Molecular Diagnostics Division, Biorepository Services, Manufacturing and Distribution Fulfillment Services

Our ZeptoMetrix Team represents a cross section of the best and brightest in our Industry. From our highly skilled and ground-breaking Scientific Team to the collaborative, detailed and experience of our Manufacturing and Distribution Groups, ZeptoMetrix is focused on delivering unparalleled quality, consistency, innovation and trust in our Company, Products and Services provided to our Global Partners and Industry. Together we look forward toward leading, building and establishing new standards for the Global good.

Board of Directors

  • Christopher C. Collins
  • James C. D. Hengst, Ph.D.
  • Sandra S. O’Loughlin
  • Gregory R. Chiklis, Ph.D.
  • Orrin H. Bean

Executive Management

Scientific Management

Senior Management