Placing Orders

For OEM or Custom Manufacturing as well as any Product Concerns, please contact ZeptoMetrix directly through our Customer Relations Department.

International Orders may be placed through one of our International Distributors. Please check our International Distributor listing below.

Customer Relations

Questions and or Concerns may be directed to our Customer Relations Representatives between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time)

Telephone: (716) 882-0920
Toll free in US and Canada: (800) 274-5487
Fax: (716) 882-0959

Standing Orders

Standing Orders receive 1st priority in cases of stock shortages or back orders.

Order Processing

Orders are binding only upon acceptance and acknowledgement by ZeptoMetrix Corporation. All orders are subject to Zeptometrix Sales Terms and Conditions.

If an Order contains provisions inconsistent with the provisions of the price list, ZMC’s provisions will prevail unless ZeptoMetrix expressly agrees in writing to an exception. Any clerical errors are subject to correction.

If an Order is inconsistent with Regional, State, Federal and/or International Regulations said Order may be terminated by ZeptoMetrix.

If an Order does not have appropriate authorization for Purchase or Shipment, such an Order may be delayed or terminated immediately.


Non-Damaged Shipments

Products may not be returned without prior authorization of ZeptoMetrix Corporation. Perishable items containing expired material or opened vials cannot be returned. Returned product is subject to inspection by ZeptoMetrix Corporation prior to issuing credit. Shipping charges on all returns are at the customer’s expense. A 20% handling fee will be added to product returned due to Customer order error.

Damaged Shipments

The delivering carrier, not ZeptoMetrix, is responsible for damage in shipment. Packing material should not be discarded when damage is observed. The delivering carrier should be contacted to inspect the damage. Damaged items cannot be returned without authorization.

Contact ZeptoMetrix Customer Service Department for instructions at (800) 274-5487 or email Customer Service


ZeptoMetrix will select the method of shipment and the carrier to be used unless otherwise specified by the Customer

Temperature-sensitive products are shipped on dry ice or cold packs via air and are scheduled to arrive at the destination 24 to 48 hours upon receipt. Due to the sensitive nature of the products, deliveries will not be made over a weekend.

All delivery dates are estimated.

International Distributors

ZeptoMetrix is committed to working with selected International Distributors applying the same high quality services we provide directly to our customers.

Many of these Distributors provide stock products nearer to our International Customers, thereby, offering rapid and efficient delivery of services and an understanding of local/regional regulations.

Our Customers are encouraged to utilize our Distributors and continue working with them where possible.

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