NATtrol™ Viruses

ZeptoMetrix provides a large selection of NATtrol Viral Control Products including the BK Virus, Enteric Pathogens, and the Zika virus, all designed to help your laboratory validate assays, train personnel, and develop diagnostic testing.

Formulated with purified, intact virus particles, all of our virus NAT control panels are chemically modified, rendered non-infectious, and refrigerator stable to increase the lifespan and accuracy of the assay. Each viral control mimics true clinical patient samples and are supplied in a purified protein matrix state. 



Zika Virus

To complement its current Tropical Disease microorganism offerings, ZeptoMetrix has added strains of Zika Virus for the development and verification of molecular diagnostic assays. These strains can be used to optimize test sensitivity. Other arboviruses from the ZeptoMetrix collection, such as Dengue Virus, Yellow Fever, and Chikungunya can be used to test that an assay is specific for the Zika Virus.

For clinical laboratory use, ZeptoMetrix has treated Zika Virus with its proprietary NATtrol™ inactivation process to manufacture non-infectious, molecular testing controls and an assay range validation panel. Together, these quality controls products can be utilized to verify test performance, track variations in results, follow lot-to-lot test kit reproducibility, monitor individual operator performance and determine aberrant long-term trends in laboratory results.