Quality Control Panels

Quality Control Panels are the Industry’s Superior Standard for Independent Quality Controls.ZeptoMetrix QC panels are prepared from Purified Microorganisms that are grown in either Cell Culture, Microbial Culture or Isolated from the Plasma of Infected Individuals. Our Quality Controls are available for Viral, Bacterial, Fungal and Parasite,

Molecular Controls
Molecular quality control products serve as Full Process, Extraction & Amplification Quality Controls to validate your Molecular Testing protocols.

NATtrol™ QC Panels and Controls are used to:

  • Train Laboratory Personnel
  • Verify Molecular Diagnostic Assays
  • Monitor and Evaluate Lot to Lot Consistency of Assay Reagents
  • Provide Reproducibility
  • Assist in the Development of Diagnostic Tests
  • Provide Consistent, Reliable and Accurate Quality Control Solutions


Vaccine Quality Control

Vaccine Panels are comprised of donors that were drawn pre and post vaccination delivery. These panels show donors that are negative prior to the vaccination and positive after the vaccination.

Longitudinal Panels

Multiple bleeds from an infected donor as the body seroconvert’s against the disease. Longitudinal panels generally span several months of testing data and disease progression.

Verification / Validation Panels

Verification / Validation Panels are designed to use with assays to determine the absence or presence of antigen, antibody RNA or DNA based upon the intended use of the panel.

Mixed Titer Panels

Mixed titer panels are designed to challenge the assay sensitivity working range of a particular assay. It can also be used for manufacturing lot release and technician training.

Surveillance Panels

These panels are a collection of samples from disease state individuals collected around the world. These panels can be used to validate the performance of your test against all species and genotypes of a particular infecting organism.

Seroconversion Panels

ZeptoMetrix has a comprehensive line of Seroconversion panels for detection of asymptomatic donors infected with HIV, HCV, HBV and EBV. All panels are run on as many different diagnostic kits as possible to measure relevant markers of Seroconversion. All testing is performed by Certified Reference Laboratories and Domestic and International Regulatory Bodies. ZMC Seroconversion panels can be used for diagnostic development or as QC reagents during the manufacture of diagnostic kits.

Malaria P. falciparum Culture Panel

 ZeptoMetrix Corporation and FIND are pleased to announce the first commercially available malaria Plasmodium falciparum culture panels with standard concentrations of histidine rich protein 2 (HRP2).

The ZeptoMetrix Malaria P. falciparum culture panels, which are available in a range of concentrations from six different malaria strains, are intended for use by researchers and test developers to evaluate the performance of malaria rapid diagnostic tests.

HRP2 is the antigen used in most malaria rapid diagnostic tests to detect P. falciparum. By providing a range of standard HRP2 concentrations, including some that are very low, the panel can be used to evaluate the diagnostic sensitivity of currently available malaria tests as well as improved tests that are in development.

For non-profit organizations and government entities please contact Customer Service for pricing at 1.800.274.5487 or custserv@zeptometrix.com