Adenovirus Products

Adenoviruses are the largest of the nonenveloped viruses are the Adenoviruses. Known to cause mild respiratory infections in young people, the Adenovirus can be significantly more harmful to those with weakened immune systems. There are multiple serotypes of the Adenovirus in humans. Check out some of our culture fluid products. ZeptoMetrix ships live cultures on dry ice. These products are not to be used as injectables. For research and development testing only. MTA required for the purchase of infectious ZeptoMetrix products.


Adenovirus Lysate Diagnostic Tests

ZeptoMetrix offers an extensive collection of Adenovirus lysates to assist laboratories, hospitals, Dr. offices and other testing facilities with a variety of diagnostic tests. Adenovirus lysate antigens including the human Adenovirus type 01 lysate and Adenovirus 40 lysate are intended for:
  • EIA testing
  • Western blot
  • Dot blot
  • Other protein-based assays
Adenovirus lysates can be used for the detection of antibodies, as an antigen or for purification of viral proteins. Each application can assist testing facilities with research, viral product development, and quality assurance testing to help improve efficiency.

For labs and testing facilities that are in need of custom buffer formulations and package sizes, contact ZeptoMetrix for additional information.

Adenovirus Molecular NAT Stocks

ZeptoMetrix is dedicated to helping your laboratory, hospital, Dr. office, or other testing facilities with molecular and diagnostic testing for the human Adenovirus. With an extensive collection of NATtrol Adenovirus Nucleic Acid Testing Stocks, your lab can help streamline NAT, validation of Adenovirus assays, and quickly train personnel on proper testing procedures. We offer stocks Adenovirus Stock Type 01, Stock Type 40 Stool Matrix, and NATtrol Adenovirus Type 05 Stock. Our Adenovirus Stool Matrix Stocks are prepared in a stool diluent that mimics the characteristics of a true clinical specimen while the Adenovirus Qualitative Stock are supplied in a purified protein matrix.