BK Virus

The BK virus is commonly associated with kidney transplant patients, although 80% of the population carries a latent form of the virus. ZeptoMetrix supplies hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions with samples of the BK Virus for product development, quality assurance testing, performance testing, and manufacturing.

Universal Precautions should be implemented when handling all BK virus products, even with NATtrol BK virus products which contain inactivated, intact virus samples. Additionally, BK virus Lysate samples are available for use for immunodetection of antibodies using solid-phase enzyme immunoassays, Western Blot, dot blot, and other protein-based assays.

ZeptoMetrix BK virus Culture Fluid can be utilized in nucleic acid and molecular testing, cross-reactivity studies, and other applications. Our BK Virus culture fluids are live and infectious samples and ship on dry ice. We also recommend maintaining a storage temperature of -65°C or below.