ZeptoMetrix offers three different formats for Chikungunya diagnostic testing to assist laboratories, hospitals, and Dr. offices with quality assurance, research, and product development.

CHIKV Lysates

A Chikungunya Purified Viral Lysate is a 60-70 nm diameter alphavirus that is insect-borne with a positive-strand RNA. CHIKV lysates assist in the detection of viral antibodies or use as an antigen. Purified lysates are stable for at least one year when stored at -65oC and below.

Viral Culture Fluids

CHIKV Infectious Culture Fluids are insect-borne, propagated in the Vero cell line, and are sold in 1 mL aliquots. Each viral culture fluid is assayed for TCID50 and used for product development testing, NAT/Molecular testing, LOD studies, and Cross-reactivity studies. Store at -65o and below for at least one year of stability.

NATtrol™ Viral Stocks

The NATtrol™ CHIVK Virus Stock are designed to nucleic acid tests for the presence of the Chikungunya Virus. This assay is also intended for the development of diagnostic tests and training laboratory personnel. CHIVK Virus Stocks are chemically modified, non-infectious, and produced in a protein matrix that mirrors the composition of a patient specimen. Store viral stocks at 2-8oC for quality assurance.