The Coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s and to date, six separate strains are known to impact humans. Coronaviruses are unique in the degree of symptoms caused to hosts, from the common cold to the SARS virus which caused 774 deaths between 2002 and 2003.

ZeptoMetrix is dedicated to providing high-quality samples of coronavirus in various strains and formats.

Human Coronavirus NL63 Products

Coronavirus NL63 is responsible for nearly 5% of common respiratory illnesses. As such, ZeptoMetrix has the NL63 strain available as lysate and culture fluid products for research laboratories, scientists, manufacturers and developers for a variety of applications.

Coronavirus NL63 Culture Fluid is typically used for nucleic acid / molecular testing, limit of detection studies, cross reactivity studies, and other viral-based assays.

Coronavirus NL63 Lysate is intended for research, product development, quality assurance testing,  manufacturing use as well as being utilized as an antigen as a source for the purification of viral proteins.

Our NATtrol Coronavirus NL63 stock uses our patented inactivation process to chemically render the virus non-infectious and refrigerator stable. It is ideal for evaluating the performance of nucleic acid tests to evaluate for the presence of Coronavirus RNA.

Coronavirus 229E Products

Coronavirus 229E also has a wide range of symptoms and effects on the human body, including the common cold, pneumonia, and bronchiolitis.

Coronavirus 229E Lysate is available in 1 mg increments with custom orders available.

Coronavirus 229E Culture Fluid, unlike the lysate sample, is alive and infectious virus and requires a material transfer agreement filed before it is shipped.

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