The Coxsackievirus, first discovered in 1948, is a member of the enteroviruses family. Due to the wide variety of Types, ZeptoMetrix takes special care to offer multiple varieties in lysate, culture fluid, and inactivated forms. The ZeptoMetrix Coxsackievirus product listing includes Types: A01, A02, A04, A08, A09, A10, A15, A16, A21, B03, B04, B05, AND B15

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Coxsackievirus lysate is intended for research, product development, quality assurance testing, and other manufacturing applications. ZeptoMetrix Coxsackievirus lysate is purified using sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation, disrupted in the presence of 0.5% Triton X-100 non-ionic detergent/0.6 M KCI, and heat activated. All of our Coxsackievirus Lysate is stable for one year when stored at -65°C or below.

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NATtrol™ Coxsackievirus Molecular Stock is created with purified, intact virus particles that have been modified to render them non-infectious and refrigerator stable. ZeptoMetrix offers several strains of Coxsackievirus molecular stock for research, product development, quality assurance or manufacturing use.

Please note, these products are NOT intended for use in the manufacture or processing of products intended for administration to humans.

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