Dengue Virus

ZeptoMetrix has an extensive viral collection of Dengue Fever diagnostic tests to assist in viral product development, research, and laboratory training as well as quality control.

Dengue Fever Culture Fluids

We offer Dengue Culture Fluid H87, Dengue Culture Fluid H241, Dengue CF Strain Hawaii, and Dengue CF New Guinea C in 1 mL infectious culture fluids. Viral culture fluids are intended to help laboratories with Nucleic Acid and Molecular testing, LOD studies, and cross-reactivity studies. Each 1 mL aliquot is propagated in the Vero cell line and packaged on dry ice for quality assurance. A Material Transfer Agreement is required for Dengue Fever Culture Fluids prior to shipment.

Dengue Virus Verification Panels

ZeptoMetrix SeroDetect Dengue Fever Panels are designed to be used with in vitro assay procedures for the determination of antibodies to the virus. Dengue virus panels are a collection of ten different donors with various reactivity levels. Each virus panel can be used for training lab personnel, lot comparison of reagent test kits, and quality control of laboratory testing systems.

Dengue Lysate Products

Dengue Purified Lysates are designed for diagnostic research, product development, quality assurance testing, and immunodetection. Choose from the Dengue 3 Lysate H87, Lysate type 3 H241, Dengue Lysate Type 1 and Lysate New Guinea C strain. All of our Dengue purified viral lysates are packaged and sold in 1 mg of protein ranging from .5-3.0 mg/ml and delivered on dry ice.