Echovirus Products

Echo virus (or enteric cytopathic human orphan virus) is a non-enveloped enterovirus that contains a linear, positive-sense single-stranded RNA (similar to the Coxsackievirus) and is found in the gastrointestinal tract. Echovirus in humans can be asymptomatic, however, some symptoms include Croup, mouth sores, skin rashes, and sore throat.

Zeptometrix carries several varieties of Echovirus for laboratories, hospitals, and research facilities. Echovirus is a Biosafety Level 2 organism and should be handled using universal precautions even with lysate samples (such as the Echovirus Type 6 Lysate) which have been treated to render the virus inactivated.

Echovirus products, both cultural fluid and lysate should not be used in humans. Products that Zeptometrix offers are intended for testing, research, product development, and manufacturing use.