Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)

Hepatitis A (HAV) is a contagious liver disease that is contracted typically from contaminated food or water, or close content with individuals who have contracted Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is a member of the  order Picornavirales and presents symptoms in roughly half of adults who contract Hepatitis A. It is estimated that in less developed countries without access to uncontaminated water, upwards of 90% of the population may be impacted.

Zeptometrix offers Hepatitis A Vaccine Panels and Hepatitis E Positive Titer Panel from a number of different donors ranging from  collected under strict conditions and are for investigational research only.

Our HAV vaccine panels range from 18 year old African American Male Hepatitis A Vaccine Panel to 40 year old Caucasian Female Hepatitis A Vaccine Panels. Custom orders are available on all of our products.