Parainfluenza Virus

ZeptoMetrix offers a large collection of viral Parainfluenza diagnostic products for medical research, product development, molecular testing, and clinical assay validation. Our Parainfluenza products are widely used in hospitals, research laboratories, and Dr. offices in an effort to improve testing for patients and train personnel.

Parainfluenza Purified Lysates

Parainfluenza viral lysates are a negative-sense, single-stranded RNA virus, approximately 150-250 nm in diameter. Each Parainfluenza lysate is propagated in the LLC-mk2 cell line and sold in 1 mg vials and packaged in dry ice to ensure quality. These lysates are intended for immunodetection of antibodies, western blot, and dot blot techniques. Choose from Parainfluenza Type 1 Lysate, Paraflu 2 Lysate, Paraflu Type 3 Lysate, and Paraflu 4A Lysate.

Parainfluenza Virus Stocks

Evaluate nucleic acid tests with the NATtrol™ Parainfluenza Virus Stocks. These paraflu stocks are also designed to validate clinical assays, develop new diagnostic tests, and train personnel in a testing environment. NATtrol™ Paraflu Stocks are packed in 1 mL vials with a purified protein matrix that mirrors the nature of a patient clinical specimen.

Parainfluenza Culture Fluid Products

ZeptoMetrix Parainfluenza Culture Fluids assist laboratories with NAT Testing, Molecular Testing, Limit of Detection Studies, Cross-reactivity Studies, and other viral based assays. Paraflu culture fluids are sold as a negative-sense, single-stranded RNA virus 150-250 nm in diameter and propagated in the LLC-mk2 cell line. A Material Transfer Agreement is required for all Paraflu culture fluid products before shipment.