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Published on 04/10/19 Read Article
Inactivated Pneumonia Panels

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Inactivated Pneumonia Panels for Molecular Diagnostic QC.

Published on 12/13/18 Read Article
New Culture Fluids

RSV, Powassan, Measles, and Mumps

Published on 10/15/18 Read Article
IVD/CE Norovirus Controls

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Additional IVD/CE Marked Molecular Diagnostic Quality Controls.

Published on 09/13/18 Read Article
Expanding our P. jiroveci Product Line

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Additional P. jirovecii Molecular Control.

Published on 08/02/18 Read Article
IVD/CE Group B Streptococcus Controls

Two Group B Streptococcus molecular quality controls added to growing ZeptoMetrix IVD/CE offerings.

Published on 07/31/18 Read Article
Blood Culture Panels (BCID)

Blood Culture Identification Panels are designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the presence of bacterial, and fungal nucleic acids.

Published on 07/24/18 Read Article
ZeptoMetrix® Announces New President/CEO

ZeptoMetrix® Corporation names Shawn R. Smith it's new President and Chief Executive Officer.

Published on 12/29/17 Read Article
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