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Published on 04/10/19 Read Article
Inactivated Pneumonia Panels

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Inactivated Pneumonia Panels for Molecular Diagnostic QC.

Published on 12/13/18 Read Article
New Culture Fluids

RSV, Powassan, Measles, and Mumps

Published on 10/15/18 Read Article
IVD/CE Norovirus Controls

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Additional IVD/CE Marked Molecular Diagnostic Quality Controls.

Published on 09/13/18 Read Article
Expanding our P. jiroveci Product Line

ZeptoMetrix® to Release Additional P. jirovecii Molecular Control.

Published on 08/02/18 Read Article
IVD/CE Group B Streptococcus Controls

Two Group B Streptococcus molecular quality controls added to growing ZeptoMetrix IVD/CE offerings.

Published on 07/31/18 Read Article
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