Microbiology Products for Assay Development & Quality Controls from ZeptoMetrix®

ZeptoMetrix® is the industry leader for innovative solutions to challenges in the evolving Diagnostic Microbiology Infectious Disease and Oncology market. Our reputation for product quality, reliability, and trusted technical knowledge provides assurance that enables our industry to develop and advance diagnostics technologies. From assay development to launch, our scientific and operational teams provide our customers with comprehensive, performance-oriented and cost-effective Diagnostic Microbiology products and services that positively impact the field of clinical diagnostics and its contribution to global healthcare.

Clinical Laboratories
Clinical Laboratories

Controls & panels to evaluate assay performance

DX Developers
Assay Developers

Products and services for assay development



At ZeptoMetrix, we deeply value our extensive network of partners and collaborators from academic and government consortia to multinational diagnostic systems providers. As a deeply technical service-oriented business, the ability to manage projects and achieve the desired attributes of products under development is guided by a pervasive sense of customer-centricity.

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