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NEW NATtrol™ Bacteriophage MS2 quantitative stock

ZeptoMetrix® launches the NATtrol™ Bacteriophage MS2 quantitative stock: NATMS2-STQ. This product is intended for use as an internal process control for molecular diagnostic assays.

Published on 07/25/22 Read Article
New Women’s Health Molecular Quality Controls

ZeptoMetrix® is committed to women’s health. Two new vaginal molecular QC controls, NATVPOS-6C Vaginal Positive Control and NATVNEG-6C Vaginal Negative Control, for in vitro diagnostic use are now available.

Published on 07/21/22 Read Article
New Joint Infection Panel

ZeptoMetrix launches NEW NATtrol Joint Infection Panel - NATJIP-BIO

Published on 07/13/22 Read Article
ZeptoMetrix Joint Infection Panel

Performance verification is a critical component of implementing a diagnostic test in a clinical lab and can be time consuming and costly A verification protocol and organism panel were developed in collaboration with ZeptoMetrix ® to verify all analyte detections for the BioFire ® Joint Infection.

Published on 07/13/22 Read Article
Webinar: Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Did you miss our free webinar? Watch the recording now Webinar: Best Practices for Maintaining Quality in Molecular Diagnostic Testing.Learn about considerations for implementing a quality management system for your laboratory.

Published on 07/05/22 Read Article
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