Published 12/13/2018

BUFFALO, N.Y. (PRWEB) December 11, 2018

Two inactivated NATtrol™ Pneumonia Panels (Atypical Bacteria & Viruses and Quantifiable Bacteria) for Molecular QC have been added to the expansive ZeptoMetrix QC offerings.

ZeptoMetrix® Corporation (ZMC) announced today the release of two significant molecular quality controls to its expanding product inventory.

Dedicated to providing the molecular diagnostic market with the most current, reliable and precise non-infectious QC materials, ZeptoMetrix has utilized its patented NATtrol™ inactivation treatment to provide the following Pneumonia Verification Panels for molecular quality control:

NATtrol Pneumonia Panel-Atypical Bacteria & Viruses # NATPPA-BIO
NATtrol Pneumonia Panel-Quantifiable Bacteria # NATPPQ-BIO

“We are pleased to provide the market with two new NATtrol™ inactivated Pneumonia QC Panels”, explains Shawn Smith, President and CEO of ZeptoMetrix. “As the molecular diagnostic market continues to grow at a rapid rate, the constant need for current, reliable, precise, and easy to use non-infectious QC materials is essential. The introduction of NATPPA-BIO and NATPPQ-BIO showcases our continued commitment to fully support and provide assurances that patients and providers can rely upon”.

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