Published 12/13/2022

Tripledemic: What To Do When Flu, RSV and COVID-19 Cases Collide

Is this "Tripledemic" keeping you up at night?
Are you wondering what this winter's complex respiratory disease situation is and how to provide accurate test results in the most confident way?

Scott Roberts, MD, infectious disease specialist at Yale Medicine, said in an interview with Carrie MacMillan on November 22 for YaleMedicine: “What we are seeing is record levels of RSV in young children. Usually, we see a spike in December or January, but it’s earlier this year. COVID is still the most prevalent virus in the community, but it’s on a downward trajectory, while RSV and flu are increasing.” Together, these three diseases are commonly called "Tripledemic."

As a diagnostics assay developer or clinical lab, how should you manage this complex, ever-evolving reality? Ideally, you would leverage the most trusted multiplex external run controls and panels to ensure that your multiplexed assays are performing as they should. You also would ideally select the most trusted brands in the industry, as confidence is paramount.

Reach the highest confidence
We have developed the broadest line of respiratory and coronavirus controls and panels to help you confidently monitor the continued performance of your multiplexed assays. Under the NATtrol™ brand, ZeptoMetrix leads the way as the most trusted partner for assay development and molecular controls.

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