Assay Development

Assay Development & Verification

ZeptoMetrix is your end-to-end partner for high quality controls and immunoassay solutions for your IVD diagnostic assays. We partner with assay developers like you through all the stages of assay development, from assay concept and design to the development of custom controls for product development, as well as ready-to-use Dx controls and panels for end-users.

 Our products and services Include:

  • Evolving microorganism collection of over 1200 strains including SARS-CoV-2, influenza, STIs, HAIs & more! Ability to source as needed. 
  • Materials for assay development and performance determination.
  • Control and panel development.
  • Assay components including antibodies, recombinant proteins, native proteins.
  • Infectivity testing / inactivation verification.
  • Assay validation and verification.

We are focused on serving the global diagnostic community. Please provide the information below and we will connect you with your local ZeptoMetrix team.

This product is intended for use as an internal process control for molecular diagnostic assays. Bacteriophage MS2 is a virus that infects Escherichia coli bacteria and other members of the Enterobacteria family. It has proven utility as an internal process control for rt-PCR assays. NATtrol inactivation of MS2 results in a refrigerator-stable, whole organism stock solution which shows increased reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency over live MS2, making it an ideal internal control for rt-PCR assays.

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