ELISA Assay Kits

ELISA (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), or just enzyme immunoassays (EIA), is a test that is used to identify antigens or antibodies.

ZeptoMetrix, an official ELISA kits manufacturer and supplier, offers two ELISA immunoassay kits: RETROTEK™ and IMMUNOTEK™.

ELISA / EIA Test Kits


  • Viral detection and quantification
  • Titer determination of HIV-1 lentiviral vectors


  • Quantification of animal immunoglobulins
  • Monitoring yield in antibody production and purification
  • Minimal species cross-reactivity

Check out our selection of EIA/ELISA machine products below



Platform Statement

ZeptoMetrix External Quality Controls and Verification Panels have demonstrated utility on multiple platforms. Based upon product configuration, including fill volumes and concentrations of analytes, we can confidently recommend the optimal choice of controls and/or panels for the following platforms.

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