Seroconversion and Verification Panels for Assay development and QC

Seroconversion/ Longitudinal Panels

HIV | HBV | HCV | EBV| Zika

ZeptoMetrix® Seroconversion/Longitudinal Panels are intended for use by diagnostic manufacturers, researchers,and clinical laboratories to develop, evaluate, and/or troubleshoot new and existing assays. Our panels are organized as “longitudinal” (single donor specimens collected during the course of infection progression) or “seroconversion” (single donor specimens collected from donors prior to and continuing through disease progression), and allow for the detectability of multiple diagnostic markers as they appear over time.

We offer 160+ seroconversion panels. Each panel contains characterized samples with analytical data, provided for comparative analyses. 

SeroDetect® Verification Panels

HIV-Ab | Anti-HBs | Anti-HBcore | Anti-HCV | HBsAg | Dengue Fever | HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab | HCV-Ab

Designed to meet CLIA Assay Verification Requirements. ZeptoMetrix® SeroDetect® Verification Panels are practical standardized solutions for laboratory training, new kit/reagent lot validation, and monitoring of assay performance.

Platform Statement

ZeptoMetrix External Quality Controls and Verification Panels have demonstrated utility on multiple assays. Based upon product configuration, including fill volumes and concentrations of analytes, we can confidently recommend the optimal choice of controls and panels for the indicated platform.

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