Custom Development/OEM

ZeptoMetrix offers a variety of customized services employing expertise in virology, bacteriology, molecular biology, immunology, and related disciplines involved with assay development and infectious disease diagnostics applications. With an extensive collection of microorganisms and expertise in sourcing and propagation of strains of interest, we excel at collaborations with research and product development scientists to develop solutions that may not be met by off-the-shelf product options.

From product concept to launch, our scientific and operational teams deliver the capabilities necessary to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the evolving needs of the diagnostics market.

Assay Development

ZeptoMetrix works with the developers of assays and systems used in a wide variety of disease diagnostics. Our accumulated expertise from experience, complemented by a strong network of industry experts, can facilitate your efforts to solve the challenges associated with assay development.

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Materials for Further Development and Manufacturing

ZeptoMetrix has access to a wide variety of materials from various disease states as well as the know-how associated with configuring matrices representative of biological solutions. Whether involved with assay development or other activities where obtaining bulk materials for further investigation or processing are desired, we provide the customized tools that enable progress. Please inquire with our Customer Service Department for more information.

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Custom Antibody Purification and Reagent Formulation

Our Immunology product line offers monoclonal antibodies and reagents that are incorporated into various testing applications. We produce or obtain antibodies from both in-house expression in hybridomas as well as through sourcing from our global network. Purification and subsequent conjugation of antibodies can be conducted on a customized basis or made as part of a standard catalogue product offering. Additionally, our ability to utilize several buffer or matrix formulations – or to collaborate with our customer to develop a unique matrix/buffer – extends our contribution to the effort of creating new and improved testing systems.

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Fulfilment and Distribution Services

  • Assembly
  • Secure Storage
  • Distribution
  • Vialing, aliquotting, labeling, & packaging
  • Customized repackaging per client specifications, maintaining 'chain of custody'
  • Comprehensive domestic & international shipping & tracking

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Analytical Services

Our Analytical Services team provides testing services for customers to support research and development, marketing initiatives, or regulatory submissions for their products. In addition to testing for analytical specificity, cross reactivity, interference, reproducibility, and precision, ZeptoMetrix can also source, acquire, and culture desired organisms, assemble panels for testing in accordance with specifications, and provide the controls needed for accurate testing results.

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Consultative Support

Our in-house technical resources are made available to provide consultative support to our customers. Please initiate your inquiry with our Customer Service Department and we will follow-up in a timely manner with the dedicated expertise to help solve your challenges.

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Verification Panels

ZeptoMetrix offers a variety of serology specimens for a number of infectious disease states. Panels consist of various positive and negative samples, which serve many purposes in the general laboratory environment. We have the ability to create and supply a variety of panels for applications such as technician training and proficiency assessment. Please inquire with our Customer Service Department for more information.

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Sourcing and Propagation of Microorganisms

At ZeptoMetrix, a key to our success is our ability to source and grow (propagate) those microorganisms targeted by diagnostic assays. With our dedicated teams in Bacteriology and Virology, we have vast institutional knowledge surrounding the cultivation of both bacterial strains and the cell culture systems used to generate a wide array of viruses. Let our expertise facilitate your efforts to create those materials essential to new assay development.

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Platform Statement

ZeptoMetrix External Quality Controls and Verification Panels have demonstrated utility on multiple assays. Based upon product configuration, including fill volumes and concentrations of analytes, we can confidently recommend the optimal choice of controls and panels for the indicated platform.

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