Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the NATtrol™ Control/Panel infectious?

    NATtrol™ products are non-infectious. Good laboratory practices recommend using Universal Precautions when handling these products as suggested.

  • What is the stability and storage requirements for products?

    All of our ZeptoMetrix NATtrol™ products are refrigerator stable (2-8C). Other products may have different requirements and should be stored as indicated on the Package Insert (PI). If stored properly products are stable through the expiration dates printed on each vial / kit.

  • Can I quantitate controls?

    Many of the NATtrol™ products are qualitative and are listed as such in our product documentation. External Run Controls and Linearity Panels are quantitative and this information can be found in the appropriate product documentation.

  • How do I use the Control?

    NATtrol™ controls should be used per the information found in product documentation and/or as guided by diagnostic platform suppliers.

  • What is the stability and storage for titered bacterial culture material?

    Expiration date is 2 years from date of manufacture and must be stored frozen at -65C or below. These products are shipped frozen on dry ice. One freeze thaw cycle is acceptable.

  • What do I need to order live culture material (microorganisms)?

    Live cultured material is infectious and requires a signed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

  • What is the shelf life of NATtrol products?

    Generally a minimum of 12 months on all products. Some products may have 15-18 month shelf life as stability studies continue on real-time basis and product expiration dates will be updated accordingly.

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