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Coronavirus NL63 NATtrol Controls

Catalog# NATCOV(NL63)-ST


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Intended Use

Coronavirus NL63 NATtrol products are ready to use, inactivated full process controls designed to evaluate performance of molecular tests. They can be used for verification of assays, training of laboratory personnel and to monitor assay-kit lot performance.

NATtrol products contain intact NL63 Coronavirus organisms and should be run in a manner similar to clinical specimens.


Human Coronavirus NL63 is a common upper and lower respiratory tract infection that belongs in the Alphacoronavirus genus and is specifically labeled a “Setracovirus.” Affecting individuals globally, NL63 Coronavirus is commonly found in children, elderly persons, or those who suffer from a compromised immune system.

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