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HIV Type 1 Strain: IIIB Linearity Panel

Catalog# NATHIV1-LIN
Product Information:
    • Volume: 0.25mL
    • Units/Pack: 6
    • Storage Condition: 2-8°C
    • Hazardous Information: Non-Infectious
    • Matrix: Purified protein matrix treated with 0.09% sodium azide
    • Target: 400; 1,000; 10,000; 100,000; and 1,000,000 UI/mL
    • Product Type: Linearity Panel
  • Classification/ Permits:
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    For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.


NATtrol HIV-1 Linearity Panel (NATHIV1-LIN) is formulated with purified, intact viral particles that have been chemically modified to render them non-infectious and refrigerator stable. NATHIV1-LIN contains 6 x 0.25 mL vials of HIV-1 NATtrol at concentrations. The panels members are provided in a proprietary matrix.

NATtrol HIV-1 Linearity Panel is designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the presence of HIV-1 RNA. NATHIV1-LIN can also be used for validation of clinical assays, development of diagnostic tests and training of laboratory personnel.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES � Quality control materials should be used in accordance with local, state, federal, and accreditation requirements. � This product is not intended to replace the manufacturer�s controls provided with the assay.
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