Influenza A/B Positive Control (6 X 0.5 mL) IVD CE - Log in for Price

Influenza A/B Positive Control 6 X 0.5 mL

Catalog# MDZ046
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In-Vitro Diagnostics.

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European Mark of Conformity. 

Intended Use

NATtrol™ Influenza A/B Positive Control (MDZ046) is an in vitro diagnostic external run control, intended for use in evaluating and monitoring of qualitative molecular diagnostic assays for the detection of Influenza A/B nucleic acid. The routine and repetitive use of this external run control enables laboratories to monitor daily test variation, lot-to-lot test kit performance, individual operator variation, and can provide assistance in identifying increases in random or systemic error.

The NATtrol™ Influenza A/B Positive Control contains intact organisms and should be run in a manner identical to that used for clinical specimens.

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