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Norovirus GI Positive Control 6 X 0.5 mL

Catalog# MDZ050

New part number: NATNOVI-6MC-IVD

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In-Vitro Diagnostics.

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European Mark of Conformity. 

Intended Use

NATtrol™ Norovirus GI Positive Control (MDZ050) is an in vitro diagnostic external run control intended for use in evaluating and monitoring of qualitative molecular diagnostic assays for the detection of Norovirus GI nucleic acid. The routine and repetitive use of external run controls enables laboratories to monitor daily test variation, lot-to-lot test kit performance, individual operator variation, and can provide assistance in identifying increases in random or systemic error.

The NATtrol™ Norovirus GI Positive Control contains intact organisms and should be run in a manner identical to that used for clinical specimens.

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