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PROtrol™ SARS-CoV-2 (Isolate: USA-WA1/2020) (1 mL)

Catalog# PROSARS(COV2)-587
Product Information:
    • Volume: 1.0mL
    • Units/Pack: 1
    • Storage Condition: -65°C or below
    • Hazardous Information: Non-Infectious
    • Product Type: Inactivated Organism

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SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 (Isolate: USAWA1/2020) is an enveloped, positive-sense singlestranded RNA virus from the Coronaviridae family and the Betacoronaviridae genus. This virus was isolated from a patient with a respiratory illness who had returned from travel to the affected region of China and developed COVID-19 in January 2020 in Washington, USA. The genomic sequence can be found in GenBank MN985325.

SARS-CoV-2 was propagated in VeroE6 cells. The viral culture fluid was clarified via centrifugation to remove cellular debris prior to inactivation.

PROtrol™ (Protein control) is formulated with viral particles that have been modified to render them non-infectious. Each vial contains 1.0 mL of SARSCoV-2 PROtrol™ frozen in 2% MEM media.

The pre-inactivation titer was determined from an infectious aliquot. Each lot of PROtrol™ is testedusing an N-protein ELISA developed internally at ZeptoMetrix.

Viral inactivation is verified by the absence of viral growth in tissue culture-based infectivity assay.

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