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Sample Transport Reagent SSFIN-0007

Catalog# SSFIN-0007
Product Information:
    • Volume: 20mL
    • Units/Pack: 10
    • Storage Condition: 2-28ºC
    • Hazardous Information: Non-Infectious
    • Product Type: Reagent

NATtrol products are ready-to-use, inactivated full process controls designed to evaluate performance of molecular tests. They can be used for verification of assays, training of laboratory personnel, and to monitor assay-kit lot performance. NATtrol products contain intact organisms and should be run in a manner similar to clinical specimens.

ZMC STR™ is a non-volatile, non-flammable collection buffer that stabilizes intact cells for extended storage at 2-28°C. ZMC STR™ maintains cellular integrity by inhibiting biochemical processes and stabilizing cellular membranes, proteins, and nucleic acids. Collected samples can also be frozen and thawed without losing reduction in cell count and the nucleic acid amplification and detection. Reagent is provided in labeled screw –cap tubes designed for sample transport of clinical samples. Each package contains 10 x 20 mL tubes.

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