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Sample Transport Reagent SSFIN-0007

Catalog# SSFIN-0007
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In-Vitro Diagnostics.

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ZMC STR™ is a non-volatile, non-flammable collection buffer that stabilizes intact cells for extended storage at 2-28°C. ZMC STR™ maintains cellular integrity by inhibiting biochemical processes and stabilizing cellular membranes, proteins, and nucleic acids. Collected samples can also be frozen and thawed without losing reduction in cell count and the nucleic acid amplification and detection. Reagent is provided in labeled screw –cap tubes designed for sample transport of clinical samples. Each package contains 10 x 20 mL tubes.

Intended Use

ZeptoMetrix Sample Transport Reagent™ (ZMC STR™)* is a general purpose reagent and non-propagating buffer designed to stabilize nucleic acids within intact cells for long term storage prior to molecular diagnostic testing.

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