SARS-CoV-2 Lineage B.1.429; Epsilon (USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021) CF (Heat Inactivated) (1 mL) -  Log in for Price

SARS-CoV-2 Lineage B.1.429; Epsilon (USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021) CF (Heat Inactivated) (1 mL)

Catalog# 0810633CFHI
Product Information:
    • Volume: 1.0mL
    • Units/Pack: 1
    • Storage Condition: -65°C or below
    • Hazardous Information: Non-Infectious
    • Product Type: Inactivated Organism

SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 Lineage B.1.429 (Isolate: USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021) is an enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus from the Coronaviridae family and the Betacoronaviridae genus.

SARS-CoV-2 isolate USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021 was collected in April 2021 in New York, USA. Under the nomenclature system introduced by GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data), SARS-CoV-2, isolate USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021 is assigned lineage B.1.429. The complete genome of USA/NY-Wadsworth-21050622-01/2021 has been sequenced (GISAID: EPI_ISL_2098534).

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