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Zika (PRVABC59) Strips (10/tube)

Catalog# 0801021
Product Information:
    • Volume: 10/tube
    • Units/Pack: 1
    • Storage Condition: 2-8°C
    • Hazardous Information: Non-Infectious
    • Target: Does not apply
    • Product Type: Strip

Determine the presence of Zika virus antibodies.

Zika virus produces 3 structural (capsid [C], premembrane [prM], envelope [E]) and 7 nonstructural proteins (including NS1). Studies from other flaviviruses demonstrate an immune response primarily targets the prM, E and the secreted NS1 proteins.

Each strip contains a control band of goat anti-human IgG that reacts when human or nonhuman primate IgG antibodies are present to control for sample addition.

What's included: Ten strips of Zika Virus (PRVABC59) Western Blot strips. Supplier Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is included with product shipment. 

  • Zika virus strain PRVABC59
  • Contain a control band of goat anti-human IgG
  • One tube of 10 nitrocellulose strips 
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