NATtrol™- Molecular Controls

NATtrol™ Molecular Controls*

NATtrol™ (Nucleic Acid Testing Control) products are the industry’s superior standard for independent quality control materials for molecular testing. NATtrol™ products are prepared from microorganisms that are grown in either cell culture, microbial culture, or isolated from the plasma of infected individuals. 

Quality Control Materials

ZeptoMetrix molecular controls and panels are used to:

  • Train laboratory personnel
  • Verify Molecular Diagnostic Assays
  • Monitoring and evaluating lot to lot consistency of assay reagents
  • Provide reproducibility
  • Assist in the development of Diagnostic tests

Product Highlights

Intact Microorganism:

Full Process:

  • Controls for all processes involved with the Extraction & Amplification of the Microorganism

Non-Infectious & Refrigerator Stable:

  • Inactivation is Verified in Validated Growth Protocol
  • Ready to Use
  • Shipment on Gel Pack/ Reduced Shipping Costs


  • Traceable to WHO International Standards (if available)

1-2 Year Stability:

  • Superior Shelf Life
  • Multiple Use Capabilities

Flexible Availability:

  • Individual or Multiplexed Controls

Broad Patent Coverage:


ZeptoMetrix is committed to helping your company with all your viral testing needs. We offer a large collection of virus samples and microorganisms designed to streamline testing processes for hospitals, laboratories, and doctor's offices. We continue to source new virus strains to expand our already extensive collection and offer custom product development for meet specific needs of your company’s research and development.

Viral Testing Products and Services

ZMC offers a range of viral testing formats to assist with your specific research needs. Infectious viral culture fluids are available as consumable testing material while non-infectious viral lysates and NATtrol™ products are purified by sucrose gradient centrifugation prior to inactivation to help calibrate testing machines and train technicians. For a more custom approach, we offer sucrose purified virus samples as well as custom virology services tailored to the research needs of our customers.


Our collection of bacteriophages is available in different formats to meet your research and product development need. They can be used as controls in nucleic acid-based amplification assays. Bacteriophage preparations are available as Purified DNA or as Titered Organisms (live).


ZeptoMetrix offers a large collection of bacterial microorganisms to meet your company’s research and product development needs. Most of our bacteria samples are clinical isolates and the identity of the stock culture is confirmed by 16S ribosomal gene sequencing. If ribosomal sequencing is insufficient to discriminate closely related species in bacterial cultures, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) or PCR/electrospray ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (PCR/ESI-TOF) are utilized.

Improve Bacterial Testing

All of our bacterial culture samples are designed to help improve quality assurance and testing within your research facility for proper calibration, laboratory technician training, and to assist in streamline testing processes. Bacterial cultures are available in Titered Organisms (live), Purified DNA or as NATtrol™ inactivated microorganisms.


Our collection of fungal strains is available in a number of formats to meet your research and product development needs. Most fungi are yeast or mold clinical isolates and the identity of the stock culture is confirmed using ribosomal gene sequencing. Fungal preparations are available as Titered Organisms (live), Purified DNA or as NATtrolTM.



Our collection of protozoa parasites is available in a number of formats to meet your research and product development needs. Most parasites are obtained from clinical isolates and are identified by cell morphology and real time PCR. Parasite preparations are generally available as Titered Organisms (live) or as NATtrol.

Quality Control Panels

Quality Control Panels are the Industry’s Superior Standard for Independent Quality Controls.ZeptoMetrix QC panels are prepared from Purified Microorganisms that are grown in either Cell Culture, Microbial Culture or Isolated from the Plasma of Infected Individuals. Our Quality Controls are available for Viral, Bacterial, Fungal and Parasite,

Molecular Controls
Molecular quality control products serve as Full Process, Extraction & Amplification Quality Controls to validate your Molecular Testing protocols.

NATtrol™ QC Panels and Controls are used to:

  • Train Laboratory Personnel
  • Verify Molecular Diagnostic Assays
  • Monitor and Evaluate Lot to Lot Consistency of Assay Reagents
  • Provide Reproducibility
  • Assist in the Development of Diagnostic Tests
  • Provide Consistent, Reliable and Accurate Quality Control Solutions


Monoclonal Antibodies-MONOBODIES™

ZeptoMetrix MONOBODIES™ (monoclonal antibodies) are purified from serum free hybridoma cell cultures.  MONOBODIES™ are powerful immunochemical tools that can be used in a variety of applications including ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry. ZeptoMetrix MONOBODIES™ (monoclonal antibodies) offer advantages over polyclonal antibodies due to their characteristics of homogeneity and binding specificity.

Polyclonal Antibodies

Polycloncal antibodies offer the advantage of higher binding affinity and amplification of signal.

ELISAs/Western Blots

ZeptoMetrix offers enzyme linked immunosorbent assay ELISA kits that are easy to use and have a quick turnaround time to help improve the efficiency. Our EIA antigen kits are calibrated for sensitivity and accuracy for consistent results to meet the needs of your company’s specific research and testing specifications.

RETROTEK™ ELISA Sandwich Kits are designed for the detection and quantitation of retroviral antigens. RETROTEK™ EIA Kits can be used to test a variety of specimen formats including cell culture, serum, and plasma that help aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1, SIV, and HTLV.

IMMUNOTEK™ EIA Sandwich Kits can detect and quantify various immunoglobulins including IgG, IgM, and IgA in humans, mice, and other species. All immunoglobulin sandwich kits come in 96-well format for the best accuracy.

ELISA Reagent Kits and Accessories

All of our accessories and EIA Kits are designed the help improve the efficiency of your labs testing and improve quality assurance. We offer ELISA accessories to work in conjunction with existing EIA kits including the HIV-1 p24 antigen. Reagent kits are sold individually and used for general reagents and custom product development.


Oxidative Stress

ZeptoMetrix OXITEK™ products are test kits and standards for oxidative stress studies. These products are designed to assist researchers in the analysis of oxidative stress markers and metabolites in a variety of human and animal samples.

Clinical / Diagnostic Specimens

ZeptoMetrix offers one of the world’s largest commercial archives of clinically defined, physician diagnosed, and remnant samples from chronic and acute disease states. Our commercial archive contains over 1 million specimens.

All of our clinical diagnostic products are collected in either Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood, or CSF formats. Many of our microorganism specimens are accompanied with clinical data and testing results.

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Custom Product Development

ZeptoMetrix offers a variety of custom Virology, Bacteriology, Molecular and Immunology services.  All custom work is performed in our facilities, which have Quality Management Systems that are certified as being in compliance with ISO 13485. With an extensive collection of microorganisms and multiple biosafety level (BSL) 2 and 3 laboratories, we can efficiently adapt our products and services to meet the needs of our customers.


  • Bacteriophage Plaque Assay BACT-005
  • Microbicidal Testing BACT-008
  • Hemagglutination Assay VPL-002
  • Infectivity Assay VPL-003
  • Neutralization Assay VPL-004
  • Rapid Assay VPL-006
  • TCID50 Assay VPL-007
  • Direct & Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay (DFA/ IFA) VPL-015

Cell Culture

ZeptoMetrix specializes in doing Custom Cultivation for our customers. We routinely grow our in-house strains or your strains to your exact specifications. We also have the ability to source organisms that are not currently in our inventory.

  • Custom Growth of Cell Lines VPL-040
  • Custom Media Testing VPL-041
  • Custom Cell Pellets VPL-045
  • Custom Cell Lysate VPL-048

Cell Cultivation

ZeptoMetrix specializes in doing Custom Cultivation for our customers. We routinely grow our in-house strains or your strains to your exact specifications. We also have the ability to source organisms that are not currently in our inventory.

  • Microorganism Lysate BACT-034
  • Purified Antigen BACT-035
  • Custom Nucleic Acid Test Controls (NATtrol™)-Microorganisms BACT-043
  • Custom Microorganism Propagation BACT-050
  • Custom Virucidal Testing VPL-008
  • Viral Culture Fluid (infectious) VPL-030
  • Viral Concentrate (infectious) VPL-031
  • Sucrose Purified Live Virus (infectious) VPL-033
  • Sucrose Purified Viral Lysates (non-infectious) VPL-034
  • Custom Nucleic Acid Test Controls (NATtrol™)-Viruses VPL-043
  • Custom ProViral Negative Control (fixed non-infected cells) VPL-044
  • Allantoic Fluid (Infectious) VPL-046
  • Custom ProViral Control (fixed infected cells) VPL-047


Custom ELISA, Western Blot and antibody production services.

  • ELISA Validation IMM-01
  • Custom ELISA Production IMM-02
  • Custom Western Blot Production IMM-03
  • Immunoassay Sample Testing IMM-04
  • Custom Antibody Conjugation IMM-05
  • Custom Monoclonal Antibody Culture Fluid IMM-07
  • Custom Antibody Purification IMM-08


  • Custom PCR Testing MB-001
  • DNA Isolation & Purification MB-002
  • RNA Isolation & Purification MB-003
  • Custom Designed Proficiency Panels VPL-042
  • Heat Inactivation VPL-049

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Analytical Testing Services

Our Analytical Testing Service division is located in Buffalo, New York and is designed to assist our Partners with all aspects of laboratory testing for IVD submissions, including, but not limited to:

  • Analytical Sensitivity  
  • LOD Determination Specificity
  • Cross Reactivity Testing
  • Precision and Reproducibility Analysis
  • Assay Precision Range Validation
  • Interference Testing
  • Matrix Testing
  • Inactivation Verification
  • Infectivity Testing
  • Sterility Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Organism Acquisition
  • Panel Development
  • Assay Validation & Verification
  • Comparative Assay Performance Analysis

For more information about our Analytical Testing Services please contact Customer Service 1.800.274.5487 or

Biorepository/Specialty Services


ZeptoMetrix provides BIOSTOR™ Specimen Repository that is safe and secure at our state of the art specimen archiving facility.

  • Controlled Access to –190°C, –70°C, -20°C, 2-8°C Cold Storage
  • All Cold Unit temperatures monitored with real time measurement, 24 hours a day
  • Entire facility backed up with 360KVA Natural Gas Generator
  • Product Storage documentation auditable per cGMP standards
  • Full regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal requirements


Along with the broad scale of custom capabilities and sample storage services that are offered, ZeptoMetrix ® also provides:

  • Custom Design and Development
  • Validation of ELISA and Western Blot Kits
  • OEM and commercial test validation and testing services
  • Test development compliant with 21 CRF Part 820 design controls
  • Testing validations for CLIA waived, RUO, and FDA cleared assay for clinical trial testing
  • Vialing, aliquotting, labeling, & packaging
  • Customized repackaging per client specifications, maintaining 'chain of custody'
  • Customized labels, reports, and data maintenance
  • Specimen disposal per OSHA, EDA, State, and Federal guidelines
  • Comprehensive domestic & international shipping & tracking
  • Etiologic 6.2 certified “infectious substance” shipping containers


Please contact Customer Service for information at 1.800.274.5487 or