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Analytical Literature 

PT samples have to be right. Your laboratory’s accreditation is at stake, so anything less than 100% confidence is just not good enough. That’s why we bring over 25 years of multidisciplinary reference material manufacturing and certification experience into every step of our process. And that’s why our analytical validation specifications are more stringent than the current TNI standards.

PFAS Standards

PFAS testing can be highly challenging which is why we make it easier with our convenient portfolio of PFAS reference materials. Advance environmental and health safety with standards you can trust.

We offer the broadest selection of microbiological certified reference materials so you can ensure the accuracy of your results.

The Broadest Selection of Analytical Standards and Proficiency Testing for Cannabis and Hemp

The Worlds First Microplastics Reference Materials. Our scientists have focused on these emerging global threats, and are excited to share Chiron MicroPrefs®, the first commercial microplastic reference material. The MicroPref portfolio is designed to detect the six most abundant plastics in the environment and is available in a novel, easy-to-use tablet formulation. Be among the first labs to join in the fight against microplastic pollution by exploring the NEW line of Chiron MicroPrefs microplastic standards.

Ensure environmental and consumer health with our standards for 6PPD-quinone testing. 6PPD is an organic chemical commonly used as a stabilizing additive in rubbers, such as NR, SBR, and BR; all of which are common in vehicle tires. When it reacts with ozone in the air, 6PPD forms 6PPD-quinone.

Our pH buffers and conductivity standards are accurate and certified. Certified pH buffers are made using high-purity starting materials and ASTM Type I water, and are thoroughly analyzed for certified value and homogeneity. Conductivity standards can be used to calibrate all conductivity meters and to determine all conductivity cell constants.

Analytical standards for drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste. Single- and multi-component standards for GC and GC/MS. Designed for US EPA 600 series, 8000 series, and CLP series methods. Custom standards are also available.

We are a globally trusted brand for laboratory quality control standards for wastewater testing. Laser-focused on manufacturing and delivering ISO accredited certified reference materials (CRMs) that are not only stable but also easy to use and implement.

Our Food Microbiology and Chemistry Proficiency Testing (PT) studies are designed for your convenience and success. We are laser-focused on developing, manufacturing, and delivering ISO 17043 accredited certified reference materials (CRMs) that are not only stable but also sensible and easy to implement. Meets FSMA laboratory accreditations for analysis of food requirements.

Designed for routinely analyzed heavy metals and minerals. All kits come with six 30-mL standards which includes a nitric acid blank for easy dilution. Conveniently packaged in a study, heavy-duty carton, these kits are perfect to store on a lab bench or in a cabinet. The smaller volume allows for less hazardous waste should the standard expire before it is used.

Our exclusive line of multi-organism controls are easy to use and reduces the number of cultures that need to be maintained. Each dehydrated pellet is packaged in a vacuum-sealed glass vial and contains microorganisms that can be used as controls to validate test methods or qc media. Each culture pellet is lyophilized in our Microgel-Flash™ matrix which dissolves almost instantly with minimum agitation to fully reconstitute the viable cells.

Our comprehensive experience in creating quality pharmaceutical standards will help you comply with the guidelines set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the International Conference of Harmonization (ICH) to provide accurate, quantifiable results for the metal analysis in drugs, pharmaceutical substances, and raw materials. These standards can be used as a calibration or check standard to verify Oral Daily Dose.

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