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Ensure and Protect Aquatic Life with our Standards for 6PPD-Quinone Testing

6PPD-Quinone is an organic chemical commonly used as a stabilizing additive in rubbers, such as NR, SBR and BR; all of which are common in vehicle tires. It is an effective antioxidant and is often used due to efficient antiozonant performance. 6PPD is one of several antiozonants based around p-phenylenediamine. When it reacts with ozone in the air, it forms 6PPD-quinone.

With standard tire wear and tear over time, fragments can be released and runoff into bodies of water after rainstorms. As a result, 6PPD-quinone may be present in streams, lakes, and other water sources which can lead to exposure for aquatic organisms. The potential 6-PPD-quinone exposure to human health and mammals remain largely unclear, however a 2021 publication in the journal Science linked coho salmon death to 6PPD-quinone in stormwater with concentrations in stormwater being linked to lethal outcomes for coho salmon following exposures lasting only a few hours.

6PPD-Quinone Overview:

  • Suitable for use with Draft EPA Method 1634
  • Monitor and mitigate this toxic tire compound
  • Address information gaps about 6PPD-quinone with our new line of standards

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