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ZeptoMetrix is dedicated to helping your laboratory with its microorganism-based testing needs. We offer a broad collection of parasite microorganisms designed to support the work of researchers and diagnostic assay developers, and we continue to expand our collection of parasites.

The parasite products and derivatives that we offer may be provided in a variety of formats—such as non-infectious viral lysates, (live) culture fluids, purified DNA for use in PCR-based molecular assays to our proprietary industry benchmark NATtrol inactivated whole parasite organisms. 

While some parasite products are available as standard catalog items, others can be customized per your requirements. In addition to supplying parasite organisms, we also provide services involved with titering and configuring samples to meet specific developmental needs.

By leveraging our core competency of parasite microorganism propagation, we enable our customers to focus on their directives to design new and improved assays and platform systems.

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