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Non-Synthetic DNA-Depleted Plasma

Build your own controls using your high-positive samples to save time. With our DNA-depleted human plasma (DNA-free plasma) as a matrix, you can produce reference materials specific to your time-sensitive needs while retaining the natural components of the sample.

    Why is non-synthetic DNA-depleted plasma better than buffer as a reference material matrix?

    • Plasma matrix is a better representation of a real patient sample because the natural, interfering proteins are retained.
    • Underestimation of assay Limit Of Detection (LOD) when buffer or synthetic plasma were used as sample matrix.
    • The higher imprecision in both untreated patient plasma and DNA-depleted plasma is associated with higher Limit Of Blank (LOB) and LOD for AF% determination

    Why use ZeptoMetrix non-synthetic DNA-depleted plasma?

    The removal of background DNA noise from plasma or serum while keeping everything else consistent.

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