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ZeptoMetrix NATtrol™ Molecular Control Swabs

ZeptoMetrix® goes beyond the traditional liquid format and introduces molecular quality controls on swabs. The swab-based controls offer easy ambient shipping, storage between 2 to 25 °C, and are made with the same NATtrol™ non-infectious whole microorganisms that are familiar to laboratories.

Utilizing ZeptoMetrix® NATtrol™ Controls on a consistent basis helps to monitor testing performance and provides additional confidence in the quality and reliability of laboratory operations.

  • Convenient. Ready-to-use swab format
  • Economical. Room temperature shipping and storage
  • Innovative. Whole organisms designed to mimic a clinical specimen
  • Efficient. Full process controls to monitor extraction, amplification, and detection.
  • Safe. Inactivated and non-infectious
  • Versatile. Can be used across various molecular testing platforms and assays

Ask about our custom swab capabilities today!

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