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Seroconversion/Longitudinal Panels

HIV | HBV | HCV | EBV | Zika

ZeptoMetrix provides a comprehensive offering of disease state panels for multiple purposes including validation/verification, quality control, and new kit/survey development. Each of our seroconversion panels contain characterized samples with analytical data, provided for comparative analyses.

• Single-patient specimens serially collected through disease progression
• Characterized samples with analytical data are provided for comparative analyses
• Unadulterated 4% sodium citrated plasma
• No preservatives added and ready to use
• Over 160 different panels for HIV, HBV, HCV, EBV, and Zika

SeroDetect® Verification/Validation Panels

HIV-Ab Z| Anti-HBs | Anti-HBcore | Anti-HCV | HBsAg | HCV | Dengue Fever | RSV | Syphilis | Zika | Influenza

Designed to meet CLIA Assay Verification Requirements. ZeptoMetrix® SeroDetect® Verification Panels are practical standardized solutions for laboratory training, new kit/reagent lot validation, and monitoring of assay performance.

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