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ELISA Construction System (5 X 96 Determinations)

SKU: 0801188


Specially designed to allow quick preparation of high-quality ELISA assaysThe ELISA construction kit contains specially screened microplates and all reagents necessary to coat the plates with antigen or antibody. To prepare the ELISA microplates for dry storage for long periods of time, bind antigen or antibody to the plate, block nonspecific binding sites on the plate, then coat the plate with a stabilizer What's Included: 60 mL of ZeptoBind, 120 mL of ZeptoBlock (60 mL) ZeptoCoat, five microplates, five sealable bags, five desiccant pillows, 50 plate sealers, and one sealable plastic bag. Supplier Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is included with product shipment
  • Low background, high sensitivity
  • Store up to two years with no loss of activity

Product Information

  • BrandZeptoMetrix
  • Volume5 x 96 Determinations
  • Units/Pack5
  • Unit of MeasureEA
  • Storage Condition2 to 8°C
  • Product TypeELISA Kit


  • RUO

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