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GGA Concentrate Snips™



An NSI-exclusive product, 300mg/L NIST traceable GGA packaged as a sterile solution in single-use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubes. Pack of 25 tubes. Stable for 3 years at room temperature. Pre-measured. To use, simply snip open the tube and pour contents directly into a 300mL BOD bottle. No measurements are required and no contamination is possible. Using a Snip is a Snap!

Intended Use

Validate analytical methods and evaluate the quality of your results with premeasured certified reference materials

More Information

Manufactured from highest purity water and analytically verified source materials|Standards are traceable to SI through NIST test masses and/or SRMs|Manufactured and certified under ISO 17034 accreditation|Meets your ISO 17025 requirements

Product Information

  • BrandNSI
  • Volume25 x 6 mL
  • Units/Pack25
  • Unit of MeasurePK
  • Storage Condition15 to 30°C
  • Product TypeInorganic Chemical
  • Concentration300 mg/L
  • Raw Material>95% min; as available
  • CertificationSingle: Grav. w/Analytical Confirmation
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