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Universal Wastewater CRM

SKU: QCI-084


Unique to NSI Lab Solutions - a 13 analyte CRM for conventional pollutant analysis. Makes managing reference materials easier..especially in a smaller laboratory. Provided as a sterile solution which can be stored at room temperature prior to opening. Once opened, this standard must be stored tightly capped at 2-8°C. Demand parameters are derived from 1:1 Glucose:Glutamic Acid (150 mg/L each). 4 x 1 Liter, Ready to use glass bottles. See below for analyte list.

Intended Use

Validate analytical methods and evaluate the quality of your results with certified reference materials

More Information

Manufactured from highest purity water and analytically verified source materials|Standards are traceable to SI through NIST test masses and/or SRMs|Certified stable for up to 2 years from manufacture|Manufactured and certified under ISO 17034 accreditation|Meets your ISO 17025 requirements

Product Information

  • BrandNSI
  • Volume4 x 1000 mL
  • Units/Pack4
  • Unit of MeasurePK
  • Storage Condition2 to 8°C
  • Product TypeInorganic Chemical
  • MatrixWater
  • Raw Material>95% min; as available
  • CertificationSingle: Grav. w/Analytical Confirmation
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